An award-winning, eclectic collection of funny, shocking, heart-breaking and distinctly Australian short stories, each with its own message.

These stories are of the Australia that you won’t find in tour guides – a still young nation still trying to blend together from the mixed ingredients of immigrants from all over the world.

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Friends & Other Stangers available only in e-book.


… each story is a jewel filled with interesting and provocative characters…

… in stories like Santa Never Came, and Daughter of Atlas, Perrat explores the layers and complexities of an immigrant nation, of different cultures coming together under a baking sun and learning to adapt to one another … not the Australia of Crocodile Dundee, but a much more nuanced country, one the rest of the world deserves to know better …

… lovely collection of insights into Australia, but be warned, you’ll be Googling flights when you put it down. The author captures the atmosphere of a young, vast country, with unpredictable weather and huge space